Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strawberry Manilow

Finally got out of the house today! I needed it, it really pulls on you when you're stuck in the house 24/7. But as Seinfeld re-runs blur in the background, I figure i should blog. :] hehe My poor kitty rudy is having some weird tooth trouble, he's acting all funny, and keeps biting down and it sounds like its grinding :{ My dad will check him out when he gets home.

My mom took me to this really rad fabric store that had loads of gorgeous fabrics of all sorts! I got this really awesome fuscia linen material that I'm going to use to make my chesire cat romper, I'm still deciding what kind of fabric I'm going to use for the purple stripes...hmmmm But I got a pound bag of misc. buttons and I am very excited! I cant help but stick my hand in the bag and let them fall through my fingers, it's rather satisfying... When I went to check out, I noticed how eclectic the employees were, it was pretty entertaining, there were a few old ladies, one of them had penciled in very expressive eyebrows, along with vibrant blush and lip liner, another old lady was just too adorable! with her white curly hair and cute little hands, then there was the guy who checked me out, he was an interesting sort, he must've been in his early 20's with dark black thick curly hair and wicked sideburns, and if I remember correctly, his shirt had mighty mouse on it, he was pretty kickin in my book! :]
The fabric looks a lot more pink in person :] 

I really need some good fashion mags, and I went to barnes and nobel today figuring they would have some good ones...wrong. However I did find Nylon, I was looking for Lula, Pop, ID and all those good ones. Grrr I guess I'll just have to find them on the interwebz. After picking out my nylon mag with the lovely Katy Perry on the front, it was time to head to one of my favourite stores, WHOLE FOODS! ahh I could spend all day at that store wallowing in all the glorious health food, well, this is what I ended up buying...

Raspberry and Pineapple bowl 

Vegan Jerky! nom nom

Larabars (cinnamon roll and peanut butter cookie)

Lavender and Blueberry Dagoba Chocolate bar
Milk chocolate with hazelnut (equal trade and organic!)

Finally! Vegetarian Ramen! I love ramen, but i could never find non meat source until today!

This one I didn't get at whole foods, but it was delicious!

My outfit for the day
(sorry, it's nothing special, and the pictures aren't very great >.<)

Black and white print scarf from vintage store, floral 80's dress from thrift store, maroon cardigan from Forever 21, forest green tights from Forever 21, boots.... I've had them forever, I honestly cannot remember where I got them, tan hat i found in my sister's room :}

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  1. I really want to try lara bars, they dont make them over here :(

    Love your outfit!